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Neal's interest in the intersection between career and mental health began as he was figuring out his own career path after graduating college.  After majoring in economics and working a few jobs, he was feeling unfulfilled.  He was not sure how to explore what else was out there for him.  Through volunteering, taking a Career and Spirituality Course, and seeing a career coach, he was able to learn more about his career influences and how to live authentically.  The process of exploration and discovery was so empowering that it prompted him to obtain a Master's of Counseling with a Specialization in Career Development.  His goal is to help others live authentically by discovering how to align who they are with their career goals.

Neal has experience supporting adults in career and mental health settings.  He has experience as a counselor, therapist, consultant, adjunct professor, and workshop facilitator.  This includes 7 years working with emerging adults in higher education settings.  In addition to being a holistic career coach, Neal is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  He currently works at Wesleyan University as a psychotherapist.   Throughout his career Neal has facilitated/co-facilitated workshops, run groups, and provided counseling/coaching on several career related topics including:  

  • Navigating the Transition In and Out of College

  • Understanding Career Influences to Make Authentic Career Decisions 

  • Networking According to Your Unique Personality Type

  • Overcoming Interview Anxiety Through Storytelling

  • How to Have Difficult Conversations with Those in Positions of Power

  • Self Care and Thriving During a Job Search

  • Planned Happenstance:  How to Create Your Own Luck in Your Career

  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • Career Exploration:  Developing Your Career Narrative

  • Money on Your Mind:  Financial Literacy for College Students

As a licensed therapist specialized in career development, Neal’s coaching can provide give you with the best of both worlds.  As a mental health therapist, he is skilled at understanding individuals holistically. He can help you recognize and work through emotional blocks that may be affecting your life and career.  He is also trained in coaching methods and solution-focused therapy. This means that Neal can ask questions and utilize techniques to help you move towards your goals in a shorter period of time period time than traditional psychotherapy.

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