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Services for Students


Transition to College:   The transition to college can be demanding for a student.  There is pressure to adjust to a new place and academic environment, form new peer relationships, get involved in campus activities, decide on a major upon a variety of options, learn to complete tasks on their own, and keep up with their peers.  The National Institute on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that 80% of college students feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities and 50% have been so anxious that they have struggled in school. This leads many students to take time off or to drop out of college.  In addition to my coaching practice, I also work as a therapist in a university counseling center. I enjoy helping students develop the skills of resilience, stress management, communication, time management, and career exploration needed to thrive in today’s college environment.               

Transition from College:   So you graduated college, now what?!  The transition can be very challenging. You are leaving the structure of college and moving into the unknown.  Many graduates are trying to figure out their career path and design the life they want but may not know where to start.  With extensive experience working in career and mental health care settings, I am skilled at helping young adults navigate the emotional and practical aspects of navigating life after college in order to move towards the career and life they want.   

Graduate Student Support:  Graduate students have unique mental health and career obstacles that are different from the undergraduate population.  Graduate students are more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population.  Graduate student mental health can affect academic performance and career outcomes.  I am skilled in supporting graduate students with issues related to work-life balance, navigating relationships with faculty advisers and principal investigators, impostor syndrome, and social isolation.

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