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Career and Job Search Services


Career Clarity:  Career exploration in today’s world of work is more difficult than previous generations.  Individuals are trying to find work that has meaning among more choices than ever before.  It can be hard to figure where to start which can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and decision fatigue.  Through a combination of coaching, assessments, and the creation of an individualized action plan, let me help you gain career clarity and move towards your authentic career.


Career Pivoting and Change:  Do you feel like you need to make a change in your career but don’t want to feel like you are starting over?  The first step is understanding where you have been and who you are.    We can work together to discuss your signature strengths, skills, previous employment, and life experiences.  We can then develop a customized plan to leverage your experiences to move into the career you really want.          


Resume and Cover Letter Critique:  A potential employer forms an impression of you, your abilities, personality, and fit for a position based on your resume and cover letter.  It is reported that employers and recruiters spend less than one minute looking at your resume and cover letter.  So how do you stand out among many candidates when employers spend so little time looking at your job search documents?    I can help you create a high impact resume and cover letter that conveys your strengths and qualifications in a concise manner that connects to a potential employer.         


Interview Storytelling:  In order to ace an interview, you must be able to emotionally connect and convey your strengths, values, and who you are to an employer in a short period of time.  The best way to stand out from applicants is to create and practice professional interview stories.  I can work with you to develop, practice, and refine your interview stories through a mock interview format.         


Networking Skill Development:  Research shows that 85% of all jobs are filled by networking.  I will support you in developing skills and a strategy to network in way that is authentic to who you are.  I can help you leverage your personality type, interest, and career story to create meaningful career connections.

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