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Career Wellness Services




Workplace Stress:   A difficult workplace environment, not feeling connected to your job, and feeling like you need a change can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Your mental health significantly effects your functioning at work, your life outside of the workplace, and your ability to successfully engage in a career transition.  As a licensed therapist I am skilled at helping individuals learn to successfully navigate work related stress and feel more connected in their life and career.



Job Crafting:  Unhappy in your current job?  Research shows that job happiness can built without necessarily changing your current position. Job happiness and engagement can be built through job crafting.  I can work with you to understand your strengths, interests, and needs.  We can build a plan to help to change aspects of your job and approach to work to increase engagement and allow you to bring your authentic self to the workplace.    



Communication Skills:   It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you do not have a voice in your organization, have unrealistic expectations placed on you, or find it difficult to have conversations with a boss or coworkers.  I have designed and co-led workshops and trainings on how to have difficult conversations with those in power positions.  Let me support you in learning and utilizing Non-Violent Communication to help get your needs met.  



Life Coaching:  We can’t separate our career from the rest of our life.  Our family, relationships, identities, mental health, habits, and outlook all matter.  Authentic career wellness means achieving balance, wellness, and health in all areas of our lives.   Let me draw upon my experience as a licensed therapist and training in positive psychology coaching to help you create the life you want to live.      

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