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A Career Defined

Updated: Jan 2

When we think of the word career, what comes to mind? Most people associate the word career with the various paid jobs they have held. Although we tend to see our jobs as separate from the rest of our lives, I view the concept of career more holistically. I see career as the various life roles that we hold throughout our lifetime. These life roles can include but are not limited to:




Community or Group Member

Sibling, Friend, Partner, Spouse, or Child


Why is it Important to View Careers Holistically?

The broader definition of career is important because we are often serving many of the roles listed above at once. The goal of career development is not to have a job that fits all your needs while ignoring the rest of your life. Instead it is to design a meaningful life that feels authentic to who you are. By reflecting on the various roles in your life, you can gain a greater understanding of your strengths, interests, values, needs, and what matters to you.

Questions for Exploration:

1.) What are the various life roles that your career consists of?

2.) What strengths did you develop from each life role?

3.) What purpose does each life role serve? Are any roles in conflict with each other?

4.) What needs do you have in your life (ex. connection, creativity, purpose, financial stability)?

5.) How can you get these needs met though different areas of your life? (ex. if your need for connection with others is not being met through work, is it possible to get that need met through another area of your life?)

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